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The final battle between Jenny and Morder continues on an action-packed STRANGEBEARD!

Strangebeard‘s greatest battle is underway!

Fun fact: originally, Captain Memoria Morder was going to be Captain Stoker Bloodybeard, a much more Dracula-like pirate with a beard twinned to create fang-like shapes. I drew and re-drew him and he wasn’t working. My wonderful wife, clever as she is, said, “Why don’t you make him a woman?” and it immediately fell into place. I had been reading about…

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It’s an all-new THE ADVENTURERS about ghosts.

I don’t think she knows what a ghost is supposed to be. I don’t even know when she first heard of the idea of ghosts… Halloween, maybe?That sort of thing gets away from you, as a parent.

I did an Adventure Time parody for the webcomic The Gutters yesterday. Check it out right over here.

The Adventurers: Mr. Hop

It’s an all-new THE ADVENTURERS, in which we talk on the phone.

I have no idea who Mr. Hop is supposed to be. We watched the Easter Bunny movie Hop on Netflix a few weeks ago, maybe that’s who she’s talking to?

Be sure to ‘Like’ the Adventurers Facebook page! I’ll be adding some Facebook-exclusive content there soon.

The 100th page of Strangebeard went up this week! Very exciting. Almost done the first big arc and there’ll be some big announcements very soon.

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An Overboard Response

Sir Charles meets his match in today’s STRANGEBEARD.

Sir Charles’s quote is from the Bhagavad Gita, which was famously (and brilliantly!) misquoted by J. Robert Oppenheimer when he witnessed the explosion of the first nuclear bomb: ‘I remembered the line from the Hindu scripture, the Bhagavad Gita… “I am become death, the destroyer of worlds.”’

Thursday is page 100 of Strangebeard! It’ll be a big one. Many exciting things are in the works behind…

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